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Arrivals and Dismissal Procedures

There have been a few incidents where children are being dropped off in the bus lane in front of the building and children being dropped off in the parking lot right off of 8 Mile Road. These are NOT safe drop off or pick up areas and should be avoided at all costs. Drivers often are not able to see children walking in the parking lot because of their height, reinforcing the importance of parking your vehicle and walking your child to the door or safe sidewalk area. If you need to drop off your child, then use the proper loop drop off area where adults are stationed to assist students and make sure they are safe. I understand we may be in a hurry during these times, but student safety comes first. To two reminders below are from the beginning of the year.

A few Reminders:

  1. I just wanted to take a minute and review our parking lot safety procedures at Amerman. During arrival, parents who drop their child off in the loop must exit through the 8 mile exit turning right only. This is to maintain a constant flow for the busy morning commute and to ensure that all children are safe. The parking lot facing 8 mile is used for parents that park and walk their child to the front door. Both gates will remain closed until after the bell rings. Vehicles should not be blocking parking spots waiting for a gate to open, this is extremely unsafe for the children that are being walked in from that area.
  2. For the loop drop off - pick up before and after school, make sure you are using both lanes to help with traffic. The loop has two lanes that are designed to merge into one. This helps avoid cars backing up on 8 Mile Road. Both lanes need to be used during the morning and afternoon unless the line is minimal. In the afternoon, please be sure to clearly display their child/ren's name, so we can be more efficient. The students at Loop, on the whole, did a great job being responsible and looking out for their car and their families.
Remember, we have a school community of over 500 students and their safety is our number one priority. Every adult should model proper safety procedures so our students know what is expected of them. Thank you, Mr. Marando