NPS Commemorates Staff Milestones: 25 and 50 Years!

Northville Public Schools proudly celebrates the exceptional dedication and commitment of 16 staff members who have reached the remarkable milestone of 25 years of service to the district. Additionally, NPS honors one extraordinary individual who has dedicated an incredible 50 years to serving the Northville community.
These esteemed staff members have demonstrated unwavering dedication, passion, and expertise in their roles, significantly impacting the lives of countless students and colleagues over the decades.
The 16 staff members celebrating 25 years and the one staff member celebrating 50 years have played pivotal roles in shaping the educational experiences and fostering a supportive environment within the district. Their commitment to excellence has left a lasting legacy that will continue to inspire future generations of students and staff.
NPS extends its heartfelt congratulations and deepest appreciation to these dedicated individuals for their decades of service and their unwavering dedication to the Northville community.

List of Staff Celebrating Milestones:

25 Years of Service
  • Paula Beck
    • Teacher, Moraine
  • Mary Kate Brian
    • Teacher, Silver Springs
  • Kerri Creque
    • Early Childhood
  • Sharon Earle
    • Admin. Assistant, Meads Mill Middle School
  • Dena Grantham
    • Teacher, NHS
  • Linneya Keranen
    • ParaEducator, Cooke School
  • Lindsay Kiebler
    • Teacher, Ridge Wood
  • William Kinney
    • Teacher, NHS
  • Timothy McMaster
    • Teacher, Amerman
  • Michael Meyer
    • Teacher, Thornton Creek
  • Tonya Nugent
    • Teacher, Meads Mill Middle School
  • Jeffery Schade
    • Teacher, Hillside Middle School
  • Cheri Sclater
    • Teacher, NHS
  • Anna (Kate) Sims
    • Teacher, Winchester
  • Douglas Walters
    • Teacher, Meads Mill Middle School
  • Carrie Weber
    • Teacher, Meads Mill Middle School
25 years at NPS: Paula Beck, Moraine; Mary Kate Brian, Silver Springs; Kerri Creque, Early Childhood; Sharon Earle, Meads Mill; Dena Grantham, NHS; Linneya Keranen, Cooke; Lindsay Kiebler, Ridge Wood; William Kinney, NHS; Tim McMaster, Amerman; Michael Meyer, Thornton Creek; Tonya Nugent, Meads Mill; Jeff Schade, Hillside; Cheri Sclater, NHS; Kate Sims, Winchester; Doug Walters, Meads Mill; Carrie Weber, Meads Mill
50 Years of Service
Celebrating 50 Years! Mike Rumbell, band teacher, NHS