Empowering Families: Highlights from Northville's 9th Annual Parent Camp and Wellness Fair

Discover the highlights from Northville's 9th Annual Parent Camp and Wellness Fair, where over 300 participants gathered for a day of empowering workshops and community resources. From insightful breakout sessions to a bustling Wellness Fair with over 70 vendors, this event provided valuable tools and connections for families navigating education and well-being. Learn more about the impactful sessions and enthusiastic participation that made this year's event a resounding success.
Show Transcript
On Saturday, February 3rd, Northville Public Schools in partnership with the Northville Educational Foundation hosted its 9th annual Parent Camp, a day of free workshops designed to empower parents with knowledge and resources. 

With more than 40 different topics to choose from, ranging from Artificial Intelligence to transitioning students from middle school to high school, Parent Camp offers a diverse array of workshops to cater to various interests and concerns.

"We just went to one about Burnout, a really big thing that we took away from it was just awareness, coping skills to help us every day moving forward," explained Brent Flewelling, Parent Camp attendee.

"We have a 2nd and 3rd grader and we’ve been coming to Parent Camp ever since we first heard about it when our oldest was in Kindergarten, so it’s been about 4 years. And we just love the ease and expertise of the whole event, so we come every year," said Tiara Flewelling, Parent Camp attendee.
Another Parent Camp attendee, Margaret Hocking, explained, "What brought me to Parent Camp is just the wide variety of materials available and the sessions that are available, there’s a ton. So just getting to choose the 3 that you want more information on and attending those."

Throughout the day, attendees engaged in informative breakout sessions, gaining valuable insights and strategies to support their children's education and well-being and even their own.

"We want to have something for everybody. And this year, we’re also excited for our second year to have a Wellness Resource Fair and this year we have over 70 vendors and again, lots of different topics, we have mental health providers, we have vendors that help with behavioral health and special education, as well as general wellness," said Beth Santer, Executive Director of Special Services, Northville Public Schools.    

"So many resources at the Wellness Fair. A lot of community organizations that you’re familiar with but it’s nice to kind of just stop and talk to that person and get a little bit more insight into what they offer or resources available to you," said Hocking.

With an impressive turnout of over 300 participants, this year's Parent Camp and Wellness Fair proved to be a resounding success, providing invaluable resources and fostering connections within the community. Northville Public Schools looks forward to continuing this tradition of empowerment and support in the years to come.
If you're looking for community resources, check out all the presenters and vendors on Parent Camp's website