M-STEP Scores Released

“These levels of achievement are amazing in any year, but given what our students and staff have been through over the last few years, these levels of achievement are simply astounding,” said Assistant Superintendent of Instructional Services, Aaron Baughman.  “The hard work that has been put in by our students, parents and teachers is evidenced by these outcomes and we are immensely proud of what the district and our students have accomplished.”
Students take the M-STEP in grades three through eight and eleventh. M-STEP is our state’s standardized test that measures what students know and are able to do in relation to Michigan’s academic standards. M-STEP results are one of several ways student progress is measured, including local assessments like NWEA, classroom work and report cards. To learn more about the M-STEP, visit the M-STEP website.
Here’s a look at how NPS fared:
  • 2021-22 M-STEP Scores are at or above levels from 2018-19 (pre-pandemic) in all areas (Math, Reading, Science and Social Studies).
  • 2021-22 M-STEP Scores are #1 in the state amongst our district peer group (East Grand Rapids, Novi, Bloomfield Hills, Forest Hills, Troy, Birmingham, Rochester, Saline, Okemos, Grosse Pointe) *See graph below for reference.
  • In 2021-22, Zero third grade students qualified for retention, under the third grade reading legislation, based on their M-STEP scores.  This includes all students, students with disabilities, English Language Learners, and students from low socioeconomic backgrounds.  
  • 74% of Northville Public Schools students scored Proficient or Advanced Level on the M-STEP compared to 34% in the state.
  • 48% of elementary school students scored at an Advanced level on the M-STEP.
MSTEP Trend Data 2022