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5th Grade End of the Year Celebration and 5th Grade Class Donation

5th grade
Our 5th Grade team has been working on the planning and preparation for the end of the year 5th Grade Celebration and Class Gift and we value and appreciate your support with all of the necessary tasks involved! 
Like previous years, the party will take place at the High School on the last full day of school, Wednesday June 15th. The facility request has been approved and we are expecting to have the same activities as in previous years, including use of the gym, pool, cafeteria for games and activities, a photo booth, and airbrushing/tattoo station. The keepsake for each student in the past has either been a shirt or a towel and this year we are going with the towel option. 
Attached is a copy of the form regarding the purchase of the towel outlining the information for families to pay by cash, check to "Amerman PTA" or Memberhub. The hard copies of this form will also be delivered to your mailboxes this week for distribution to the students. Ms. Caudill referenced that she would like the three paper forms (5th grade yearbook memories, towel purchase and class donation) together for each student this Friday to take home.
We are also planning for the class gift to be a tree and/or a bench donated to the playground area from the 5th Grade class and in memory of the Abbas Family.  
Attached is a copy of the form regarding donations towards the class gift outlining the information for families to donate by check to "Northville Public Schools" or Memberhub. The hard copies of this form will also be delivered to your mailboxes this week for distribution to the students.
It is important that families take note in the information sheets that the checks for the towels MUST be written out to "Amerman PTA" and the checks written out for donations to the class gift MUST be written out to "Northville Public Schools". We would like to avoid any issues in advance with accounting for the different funds and the different departments involved if you could kindly stress this to parents in your newsletter in the event they may inadvertently glance over it in the forms. 
Again, if these forms are inadvertently misplaced and/or do not reach parents, it would be greatly appreciated if you could include a copy of the forms in your class weekly newsletter and/or updates.  
Mrs. Winne will also have a few extra hard copies of the form in the office in the event that families may need a copy.  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me or any other 5th Grade Celebration/Class Gift committee member.  We are happy to do what we need to do to make it easier for you and families to ensure that we have participation by every family that would like to have their student enjoy the celebration and participate in the class gift.  
Thank you again for your time, cooperation and support! You are all AMAZING and we truly appreciate you making this a successful and fun year for all of our outgoing 5th Graders!
Cassandra Gorman and the The 5th Grade Celebration and Class Gift Committee