Oxford High School and Community in Our Thoughts; NPS Remains Committed to School Safety

Dear Northville Public School Families, Staff and Community,

As you likely have already heard, there was a school shooting incident today at Oxford High School. During this difficult time, our thoughts remain with Oxford students, teachers and staff who were impacted by today’s devastating events.

We understand news of this nature so close to home can be difficult for parents and students, as well as for our staff.   Please know that your student’s safety and well-being remain our number one priority.  Like all school districts, Northville Public Schools is committed to creating a safe school environment where students can learn and grow.
We also want to remind you of the various safety protocols we have in place to protect students, teachers and staff. The NPS Emergency Operations Plan includes annual training and drills in the unlikely event an active threat occurs on one of our campuses. We continue to collaborate with and review our safety and security protocols with our local First Responders, including law enforcement agencies which includes our full time School Resource Officer.

While we are confident in these safety protocols, we know that we need the support of the entire community to protect the children we are privileged to serve. Thus, we would ask that you speak to your children and urge them to reach out to school officials directly or through the State of Michigan’s Okay2Say tip line at 8-555-OK2SAY or [email protected] if they hear of any potential dangerous actions that may put our school community at harm.  Again, we take all incidents involving student and staff safety seriously and appreciate our partnerships with local law enforcement officials. We ask students, parents, and community members to report all suspicious or threatening activity to law enforcement and/or school/district administration immediately.

We understand that our students, families, teachers and staff may need support in the coming days. Please know that mental health providers will be available to our school community. Do not hesitate to reach out to our counselors and/or social workers should you or your child need support.

Your children are our children, and we will continue to do everything in our control to maintain safety in our schools. These are resources to help you discuss this with your children:

We remain committed to working together as a community to ensure learning takes place in a safe environment. Thank you for your partnership with us on behalf of our children. If you have any questions, contact my office at (248) 344-3500 or [email protected].

Mary Kay Gallagher
Northville Public Schools